Mariah Carey (Impersonation) Wins Halloween!

Mariah Carey Wins Halloween!

Fan Hilariously Impersonates Carey’s Poor Performance

Most recently, social media has been laughing at the bare minimum effort that iconic diva, Mariah Carey, is putting into her performances. From a cringe worthy New Years Eve performance to a now viral video from July where Carey “performed” her hit Honey while her backup dancers literally moved her around the stage.  Twitter jumped on the lazy choreography with memes and video exchanges that have us still laughing:



Halloween weekend is officially over and there’s only one day to become viral famous for your best costume ever. I would personally like to nominate the following young woman who not only dressed as Carey, but had a flock of backup dancers for a full on impersonating performance! You’ve got to check out the hilarious video below:



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