Mark Wahlberg Details His Insane Daily Routine That Includes ‘Cryo Chamber Recovery’

Mark Wahlberg's daily routine looks complicated, crazy, hectic and so much more. 


The Boogie Nights actor shared what he does on a daily basis on his Instagram stories earlier this week, where his day actually starts at 2:30 AM and ends at 7:30 PM. 

So it's basically like this: wake up, pray, eat, workout, eat, shower (yum), golf, eat, freezing yourself, family time, work time, eat, work, pick up the kids, eat, workout, shower (yum again), eat, family stuff, bed.


Wow. The Cryo Chamber Therapy part is the most interesting tidbit from Mark's daily life, as its something that has actually become very popular with some of the top athletes across the world. When he steps into the cryotherapy chambers, the ambient temperature is lowered to a number minus 110 Celsius or minus 166 Fahrenheit. It's designed to help people recover from strenous workouts at a faster pace.


That schedule and all his hard work looks to be paying off for him 30 years into his muscle-bound career, so… keep at it? 

1 thought on “Mark Wahlberg Details His Insane Daily Routine That Includes ‘Cryo Chamber Recovery’”

  1. His schedule is my nighmare.

    His schedule is my nighmare. He's in good shape for his age. But not as good as his rigorous two-workout schedule suggests. 


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