Mark Wahlberg Shows Off Ripped Bod in Sexy New Video

Oh Mark Wahlberg, all these videos and pics of you shirtless over the past twenty five years or so don't go unnoticed, especially the latest one where it's hard to really look at anything else besides your insanely hot figure.

Mark is no stranger to showing off his amazing physique, which dates all the way back to his Marky Mark days back in the early 90's.  Lately, his Instagram page (which boasts almost 9 million followers) has been riddled with him flexing and posing all over the place, and his latest video shows the Boogie Nights actor talking about stuff but we honestly weren't listening for good reason.

The video, uploaded on Easter Sunday, has him talking about some partnership with a water brand named Aqua Hydrate.  Mark stands in front of some crystal clear blue water with no shirt, talking about how he hasn't posted in a while and blah blah blah, your shirtless and that's the focus. 

Just watch, and notice his small but noticeable happy trail in the vid. 



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