Markie More Returns To Adult Film Work

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Look who came back. Markie More is promoting a new OnlyFans account. 

Earlier this year, Markie More, a well-known adult film performer for Next Door Studios, announced that he would stop creating adult gay content.


“I’ve decided that I’m officially done with the adult industry,” he wrote in May. “I will be deleting both my onlyfans and justforfans accounts one month from today. If you’re subscribed to either, please unsubscribe so you’re not charged again.”

“If you’re wondering, I’ve quit because I can no longer promote lustful and deviant behavior,” he explained. “Lust is a monster, and the more you feed it, the hungrier it becomes. I’ve shown absolutely no hate whatsoever. If you think this, then you’re either confused and/or misinformed.”

He then added:

“I’ve witnessed porn destroy numerous people, friendships, relationships, families, etc. It does far more harm than good for people. Unfortunately, telling people you fantasize real love isn’t something a studio wants you to say. So, instead I told lies, not even good ones either. I sincerely apologize for misleading you. I will only speak truths from this point forward.”


But that wasn’t the only thing Markie More did at that time. He also announced his support of Fight The New Drug, a Mormon organization that denounces adult content as harmful. Unfortunately, the organization also has a homophobic past with the two owners, Clay Olsen and Jason Caroll, being active advocates against same-sex marriage.

As Daily Beast wrote in 2015:

“Last year, attorneys for Carroll and another BYU professor filed a brief (PDF) in Bostic v. Schaefer—a lawsuit which successfully challenged Virginia’s same-sex marriage ban—defending the state and arguing that the legalization of same-sex marriage would harm children by ‘weakening the connection of heterosexual men to marriage and fatherhood.’”

“An attorney for Carroll and a colleague also filed an amicus curiae brief in the landmark Obergefell v. Hodges case (PDF), this time arguing that same-sex marriage would ‘would have a profound impact on the United States’ already below-replacement level fertility rate,’ and potentially cause socioeconomic problems. This repeated anti-gay advocate is the man who ‘keeps things factual’ for FTND, according to his bio on the organization’s website.”


But it appears that Markie More eventually decided against supporting the Mormon-organization. He also later apologized for how he handled the situation overall.

Apparently, Markie More was betrayed by some close allies within the adult film industry. As such, he lashed out. Unfortunately, he did so publicly. This eventually led to not only gay sites covering the news but also conservative sites that happily pushed an anti-gay agenda. But last month, More posted to social media to apologize for how he handled the situation.

“Some of the people I trusted most, ended up being the biggest monsters in my life,” he explained on Twitter. “I didn’t handle it well at the time and decided to lash out at an entire industry. I do apologize to all who work within and to all of you who support the adult industry.”


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  1. Fight the new drug is not homophobic, because someone says they don’t like gay marriage then you go ahead and think like they are out there killing gay people for pleasure.
    Pornography is very harmful when it becomes an obsession, people’s reality changes and their expectations for sexual partners is deeply depraved.

    • “just because I think you don’t deserve equal rights to your heterosexual counterparts, doesn’t mean I don’t like you. I just don’t like what you innately and intrinsically are.

      • I can only admire Markie Moore, not only for his great looks and obvious talents, but also for his vulnerabilities and independent thinking and standing up for what he feels is right, right or wrong. He may be homosexual or not but he’s a real man

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