Married NH Gay Man To Rubio,” You Want To Say We Don’t Matter.”

Marco Rubio, welcome to New England where we say what we feel and it gets real.

I felt very uncomfortable watching the exchange between Rubio and a New Hampshire resident.  You can tell Rubio himself was uncomfortable flustering around with his prepared responses that clearly were not working when talking to a real human being. Listen to the exchange below and watch how Rubio pushes along his son away from the conversation.  Egads!  They're talking about gays!



Rubio was campaigning today at the Puritan Backroom diner in Manchester, where Timothy Kierstead asked him, “Why do you want to put me back in the closet?” according to The New York Times, which cited press pool reports. Rubio responded, “I don’t. You can live any way you want.”

Kierstead pointed out that he’s a gay man in a same-sex marriage, and said Rubio’s opposition to equal marriage rights shows the U.S. senator from Florida thinks gay people don’t matter. Rubio said, “No, I just believe marriage is between one man and one woman.”

When Kierstead said, “That’s your belief,” and noted that half the nation disagrees, Rubio replied, “I think that’s what the law should be. And if you don’t agree, you should have the law changed by a legislature.” As Rubio prepared to move on, Kierstead noted that the law already has changed. He could have been referring to the U.S. Supreme Court’s marriage equality decision last year or to the fact that New Hampshire’s marriage law was indeed changed by its legislature to include same-sex couples — back in 2009. And in 2012 the legislature rejected an effort to repeal marriage equality.

Kierstead told reporters afterward that he's a Manchester restaurant owner, a father of three, and a registered independent voter. He will vote in the Democratic primary Tuesday because of Republican opposition to marriage equality, he said. “They want to take my rights away as a citizen of the United States,” he said of Republicans. –

I'm from New England originally (Maine) so this man speaking the truth was very comforting.  I don't see Rubio doing well there.  I currently live in Florida and not too many people like him here either. 

Rubio, do you have your speech prepared for when you withdraw?  You can't copy Obama for that one.

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  1. Did you see that protective

    Did you see that protective gesture to move the kid? What trope does that play to? That gay men are a threat to children and lovely Marco saved the innocence narrative is born. What garbage. Religion should not inform law or guide public policy. If they want to turn the US in a Theocratic Protestant Iran then have the balls to say so. Have the balls to admit it runs contrary to the Founding Father's desires. Have the balls to admit it would require the repeal of the Establishment Clause, the Equal Protection Clause, and the Due Process Clause of the Constitution or a scrapping of the founding document, a new Constitutional Convention so we can be the Jesus States of America. Don't tap dance like a jerk and tell us you aren't tap dancing at the same time. We have eyes idiot.


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