Martin Shkreli Sentenced To Prison!

Martin Shkreli Sentenced To Prison!

It’s Not Life, But It’s Something!

HA-HA! Okay, so by now you have to be familiar with the absolute piece of crap that is self-titled “Pharma Bro”, Martin Shkreli. He is the person who put a hefty – almost unbelievable price – on a lifesaving drug, Daraprim, which fights HIV and AIDS. The price? Well, he raised it to about $750 per pill. Yes, he’s a monster. He’s been seen smirking at others reactions to his raise of the drug and has no shame in his antics. Again, he’s a monster! With his Pharmaceutical Executive earnings, he’s been living in luxury: He’s offered Kanye West $15M to be the sole owner of a 2016 album, was the auction winner of a Wu-Tang Clan album (purchased at $2M), and has spent time live streaming himself playing video games and using social media. He continued his desperate attention seeking acts by trying to create a new gender – Clovergender – which claims a gender attracted to children and asked offered his fans $5K to anyone who would pull hair from Hillary Clinton’s head. These antics had gotten this disgusting creature banned from social media dominator, Twitter.

These acts, of course, to smear the public and create chaos gained Shkreli international attention…only after he jacked up the price of Daraprim. We as a society have created him to be a villain straight out of a comic book series – perhaps he should’ve been cast as Cheetah in the upcoming Wonder Woman film – and he is seemingly living for his notorious status in the media much like other parasites such as Milo Yiannopoulos. Why do we keep almost rewarding bad behavior with views and the like? Well, it looks like our outrage and keeping a close eye on this gross human being paid off, because Shkreli is heading to PRISON! YES! Who wants to dance?!

According to The Chicago Tribune, while in court today, Shkreli’s ignorant attitude was not on display. He cried as he apologized to Judge Kiyo Matsumoto and the courtroom. He was in court for fraud surrounding two failed hedge funds. For clarity, a hedge fund is a limited partnership of investors that use high risk methods, like borrowing money from others, in hopes of making large profits in the future. Basically, Shkreli cannot be trusted and is dumber than we all imagined if he believed he could get away from fraud after making himself such a hated figure in the media. Like, we were watching you, GURL!

Judge Matsumoto wasn’t having it either. Allegedly, the judge called Shkreli a “master manipulator” who is a con man and deserves 15 years in prison. Matsumoto made a point to claim the prison sentence was not due to Shkreli’s unapologetic actions outside of the courtroom, but for his serious crimes against a handful of investors of whom trusted – for some reason – Shkreli. At the very least, he was sentenced to 7 years in prison – YAY! – although it isn’t nearly enough. I suspect he’ll get out within three years or something ridiculous, but at least this puts a permanent dent on his already tarnished reputation.

Since we’re all curious, the judge has now left the issue to fix the price of Daraprim up to Congress. #FingersCrossed!

This article originally appeared on Chicago Tribune – check it out HERE!

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