Marvin Cortes-“There Are More Bisexual People Than People Realize”

As runner-up on the 20th season of America’s Next Top Model, Marvin Cortes went from the cusp of reality television victory to being in front of the cameras for worldwide brands like Givenchy and Hugo Boss, with a quick stop to create his own beauty line. While he ultimately admired #ANTM hostess Tyra Banks and production for their own work ethic and attention to detail, both his in-front of the camera experience and behind the scenes precision have prepared him for his next career chapter; Marvin Cortes is about to launch his own OnlyFans page. 


Never a fan of traditional labels, Cortes is also going to be sharing his sexual encounters with men on his OnlyFans page. Born and raised in the rough and tumble South Bronx with his parent and six brothers, Cortes had a number of girlfriends and didn’t have his first same sex experience until he was 21 years old .This culminated in Cortes announcing on his Instagram page earlier this month that he is a bisexual man. Marvin says “I describe myself as a lover,” he says. “I am not a huge fan of labels but I get that it helps people understand where you lay on the spectrum. I identify as bisexual.”

As he launches his OnlyFans, he plans to definitely to raise the awareness of bisexuality. “I think there are more bisexual people in this world than people realize. I hope to inspire others that may identify with my situation and story.”  Cortes is also quickly learning that becoming a multimedia maven is truly a full-time job. “It’s up to me to come up with concepts for shoots and videos and then find the best people to shoot and produce it.” He plans to give the fans exactly what they want to see, no matter how salacious it might be. “Modeling has made me comfortable with my body. I don’t have any qualms with disrobing. I also love engaging with fans online. It’s a personal connection that I strongly believe is harmless and even healthy!”

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  1. I watched the episodes with you on ATM and hoped you would win. I felt that you did. You are authentic Marvin, and you seem so down to earth with your honesty and love for those you hold dear in your life. I am so glad your life has improved and I wish you the best. Always remember where you came from, and remain the real and relevant man you have always been. You are a shining light for the LGBT community.


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