Mashing Up Movie Classics With His Signature Ferocity, Todrick Hall Drops Two New Musical Masterpieces

In between touring with Taylor Swift and being an official judge on RuPaul’s Drag Race (as well as corralling the ladies during dancing challenges) it would almost be certain that Todrick Hall would simply not have the time to crank out the amazing videos that helped rocket him to super stardom (although his star making season on American Idol certainly did not hurt). Luckily, 2019 is showing that this dynamic and ever evolving performer is crafting even more genius on his own than ever before. 


Mashing up “The Lion King” with Beyonce may seem like a perplexing match at first, but after remembering that Beyonce is poised to star in the eagerly anticipated reboot of this Disney classic (playing the prodigal child, Simba) this musical marriage makes perfect sense. Breezily matching up “Can You Feel The Love Tonight” along with “Halo” or blending the two bops that are “I Just Can’t Wait To Be King” and “Love On Top” demonstrate how Hall is able to jump from classic movie anthems to pop hits with aplomb. 

Perhaps he was inspired by the RuPaul’s Drag Race Season Nine team challenge which featured the ladies serving their best high school cheerleader against each other, but crafting a Bring It On trailer (aptly titled Bring It On: Ball Or Nothing) for today’s generation is sheer artistry. With every fierce “Yasss” to each all too familiar Grindr app notification, Hall takes today’s signature pop culture touchstones and melds them into one of our all time favorite cult classics. I dare you to find me one Bring It On fan who would not want a true sequel featuring a fierce and thick stud who can twerk the house down and some good old fashioned boy drama 

From recreating The Wizard Of Oz in his own fierce fashion in the absolute epic that was “Low” or whether he is recreating the pop culture lexicon with “Dem Beats” or merging the pop culture phenomenon that is DC Comics Justice League series with the iconic Beatles in a “Come Together” masterpiece, his creativity and ability to constantly tap into what the culture is talking about is simply unparalleled. When he’s not serving the ladies the true tea behind the Drag Race judges table, seeing what visual masterpiece he is creating on his own is just as intriguing. 

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