Massachusetts’ DoorDash Driver Arrested For Homophobic Sandwich

Image via Sandwich Police Department.

DoorDash’s Matthew Butchard Charged With Criminal Harassment For Homophobic Delivery

Throughout the last year, we championed an abundance of workers who we once took for granted. Not only were we honoring our healthcare workers, but grocery cashiers, FedEx and Amazon truck drivers, restaurant chefs, and the like were the ones who kept the United States economy and sanity in check. While on unemployment, certainly someone you know signed up to become another essential working as a ride share driver or a delivery driver. These people humbled themselves, dropped packages off at our doorsteps, and seemingly risked coming in contact Coronavirus for the benefit of their wallet and our stomachs or sanity. One person who didn’t prefer kindness is a Massachusetts man delivering for the popular food service app, DoorDash, and he’s paying for his antics pretty hard.


According to MetroWeekly, twenty-seven-year-old Matthew Butchard was recently arrested and charged with criminal harassment for drawing a penis and writing gay slurs on a Subway delivery order. Yes, the same sandwiches Jussie Smollett was allegedly craving during wintertime in Chicago that fateful early morning. Butchard, allegedly with a friend, wrote the gay couples’ names along with “gay fags” on the sandwich wrappers and in a less than smart decision, filmed it for his Snapchat followers. The couple has a twenty-year-old son who claimed this isn’t the first time Butchard has harassed his family. Allegedly, Butchard has written homophobically charged social media posts about the couple and claimed he was going to spray paint their automobiles. Butchard is being investigated into destroying their mailbox and trashing their lawn a week prior to the food delivery. Butchard is charged with criminal harassment, property damage to intimidate, and civil rights violation counts, facing the longest sentence of just over two years.


Images via Facebook | Matthew Butchard

A quick glimpse into Butchard’s very-private Facebook profile alleged him to be against police, while he allegedly is smoking what could be marijuana in front of a Lakewood Hills sign, and masked up in front of what could be boxes of the popular vape pen, Juul. If you look a bit more closely, it almost looks like he’s wearing a rainbow on his shirt in one photograph. Hmm…


Lessons to be learned: Be kind to your delivery drivers, tip well, and also…respect your customers, or you’ll be out of a job.

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Source:  MetroWeekly

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    • He’s like that little boy in elementary school that really likes u, but his friends think you’re a sissy, so he tries to join in on their learned bigotry. But, then in HS he really want to suck your cock. 👆🏼This dude should have just asked the gay couple if he could get with them, like he really wanted to.

  1. This is an unfortunate extreme behavior of a man struggling with his own sexuality. A straight confident man wouldn’t expend this kind of visible energy on something that isn’t an internalized conflict.


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