Masterbeat’s 20th Anniversary Of New Year’s Eve Heads Into The Twenties Like No Other Party

New Year’s Eve is always an epic evening to hit the dance floor, but Brett Henrichsen and the crew at Masterbeat made this year truly one for the record books. The Mayan Theater in Los Angeles, CA played host to their massive New Year’s Eve bash, with three thousand men strong on the dance floor. 


The boys were ready to dance and showed up with plenty of phenomenal DJ’s on deck ready to take them on a journey. Kicking off on December 30th with an opening set at Avalon Hollywood by Toy Armada and DJ GRIND, who partnered up with Micky Friedmann for a rare set by these three talented DJ’s. These masters of the DJ booth got the boys lathered up and ready to party through to 2020! 

DJ’s Alexander and Alex Acosta were on hand for the main event, and they weaved their individual styles together gloriously to keep the boys and the beats throbbing on the packed dance floor, straight through to the morning. Masterbeat also released this beyond spectacular countdown video, where they relived the good, the challenging and the most glorious parts of 2019, all set to spectacular music and production by Alexander Rendo & Mike Soriano, with Mike Lorello & Tristan Fuge. Brett Henrichsen oversaw the production as Executive Producer and Video Editor. This is how you countdown to a brand new decade! 


As an added bonus; dive into the 20th Anniversary podcast, mixed by the master of the NYE DJ booth, Alex Acosta! 


All Art Courtesy of Masterbeat (Facebook)


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