Matt Bomer finally gets asked some “Gay Questions” about Magic Mike XXL


We've been bombarded with Joe Mangenelo and Sophia Vergara stories way too often along with stories of the boys naming their trouser buddies.  It's been fun listening to all of the boys being boys, but I've been waiting to see if someone would acknowledge Matt as a gay actor in this very heterosexual movie. Finally someone asked Matt Bomer a question about him and his partner and if the "magic" from Magic Mike XXL found its way home to his husband and the bedroom. 

Here is the interview with Donald Glover and Matt Bomer conducted by Dulce Osuna from Hola Hollywood. had this to say about the Q & A exchange …

While interviewing Magic Mike XXL stars Matt Bomer and Donald Glover, one reporter made a rather uncomfortable generalization.

Hola Hollywood's Dulce Osuna pointedly asked Matt Bomer if he felt that gay men were harder to please […], and Bomer maintained perfect composure while shutting down the reporter. "Why would I ever try to boil down an entire community into a yes-or-no question?" Bomer asks. "Would you feel comfortable if I said 'Are women harder or easier to please?'"

Bomer went on emphasize that such questions didn't align with the message of the movie. "One of the things, I think, you learn from this movie is that everyone is different," he said. "It's all about communication and a dialogue between individuals — get rid of the labels, get rid of the shame, get rid of the stigmas and just be your most authentic self."

Nicely done, Bomer. As if we didn't love you enough already. –

Do you agree with Bomer's answer?  Should he have shut her down like that?  I'm not disagreeing with him, but I don't think she was trying to "pull a Trump."  Should Bomer have answered the question like every other question proposed to the stars of this, let's face it, B movie?  I don't really think Tatum was trying to make a psychological statement about sex between two consenting adults.

I guess I really need to go see the new Magic Mike XXL.  I wasn't expecting it to be a movie about getting rid of labels, shame, and stigmas.  That's already ten to twenty times the plot of the first Magic Mike.  Still love yah Matt, but we finally had an interviewer wanting to talk about the gay thing and Magic Mike XXL and you shut it down.  It wasn't a smack down like "Jane, you ignorant slut" -SNL, but news flash, this is a movie about women going crazy to see oiled up men gyrating on stage.  Didn't we already label all women as a big horny throng of moviegoers?

If I had to answer the question, yeah, I would say we gay men are just as different as women.  Some of us are harder to please, some shy and reserved, and everywhere inbetween and many of us will not go see the movie.   As for myself and wanting to see some male skin on the stage?  I'm saving my funds for when I visit Montreal's Campus, Taboo, Stock, etc.

I wasn't a big fan of the original Magic Mike and I'll most likely will wait for Magic Mike XXL to come out on video DVD, especially now I know there's a lot of psychology in it. 

Did you go see the movie in the theater? What's your opinion of the flick?

And I think she raised a good question.  If this movie was intended for a gay male audience, would it have been a different product or would everything have been the same except for the audience extras?

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  1. I saw the movie up a theatre

    I saw the movie up a theatre and loved it. It IS targeted to gay men and women but Bomer's response was 100% correct. I went with a friend of mine who is also gay and he hated it complaining that the characters were shallow and childish. He's got a point but when the stripping started I forgot about all that 🙂

  2. His comments is something
    His comments is something that needs to be heard. We are foregoing into a time of no respect for anything. People don’t respect themselves, police, political figures, or even the office of the President. That in turn, creatures a mindset of no boundaries…creating labels….pre-judging. A Journalist used to ask positive questions….where are we? Build a positive story and not tear down …….celebrities are people too….

  3. She asked clumsy questions
    She asked clumsy questions and he handled himself quite well. Remember they have like weeks of sitting with strange interviewers asking the same dumb fucking questions over and over and over which must take a lot of patience

  4. I loved his response. I think

    I loved his response. I think she was trying to get him to talk about his sexuality, but she chose the wrong opportunity to do that. It just was not appropriate. 

    I think Matt Bomer wants his privacy. And that is perfectly fine. Yes, he is a public figure, but that does not mean he is required to release information about his personal life. I think he responded the way he felt most comfortable — as would anyone else, even is they are straight. Here are the issues: As as a journalist, you never ask yes or no questions (they are usually open ended); she was targeting him because he is a gay man in the film, not because he is in the film. He takes offense to that because he has said on countless occasions that he does not want to be viewed based on his sexuality, but on his work as an actor there to do a job like anyone else (gay or straight); he does not give into labels; she had no context behind that question; and she asked the question like she was generalizing the entire gay population as if they all think and act the same. I'm glad he responded the way he did. It was a silly question. 



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