Matt Bomer Got Licked in the Face by a Deer and We Are Totes Jealous

Matt Bomer has been kind of a dreamboat for us gay men for years now, most notably in his turn as one of the hunky strippers in the film Magic Mike.  Although he has been married to publicist Simon Halls for six years now, there is the occasional other person, or in this case animal, that can get to first base with the studly actor.  

He recently spoke with The New York Post about his new movie Walking Out, where he takes a journey with his son named David (played by Josh Wiggins) to Montana on a hunting trip.  

During one of the scenes, his character Cal gets injured and is approached by a real life deer. “That was one of the most incredible experiences I’ve ever had,” he said. “You can’t prepare for it. These local people said they’d had a tame, curious deer come to their house in the mornings. I just had to sit at the base of that tree and wait.

The deer made its move as she put her face next to Matt's and licked it.  Lucky girl!  “It was kind of a spiritual experience, to be honest,” he says. “One of those things you hope you can just be in the moment for.

So, folks, in your next life, try to come back as a deer.  Because you may have a shot with Matt Bomer in doing so.  You never know.  Here's the trailer. 

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