Matt Bomer Opens Up About Living with Fellow Out Actor Lee Pace

Matt Bomer recently opened up about the beginning of his journey as an actor in New York in the early 2000s.

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In a new interview with GQ alongside ‘Fellow Travelers’ co-star Jonathan Bailey, Bomer shared that he used to live in “a renovated crackhouse in Brooklyn.” He also noted that he had to work two jobs in order to afford a one-bedroom apartment, which he shared with then fellow aspiring actor Lee Pace.

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Yes, you read that right. The two out actors have a history that goes way back to their early teenage years. 

“I’ll tell you how long I’ve known Lee Pace. I’ve known him since he was shorter than me, when he was 14 and I was 15,” the 46-year-old American actor revealed.

Not to mention, the outlet also talked about how Bomer gave Bailey “a capsule tour of gay West Village.” He reportedly pointed out Cubbyhole on West 12th street, describing it as “an iconic lesbian bar.”

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The ‘Magic Mike’ star then asked about having been to Fire Island, which is a great destination for LGBTQ+ vacationers. 

“You can have any experience you want there,” Bomer stated.

Moreover, Bomer and Bailey are starring in the steamy LGBTQ+ series, ‘Fellow Travelers’, which is available for streaming on Paramount+.


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  1. Aww gay bffs since they were young. Cute story.
    I lived with two of my best gay friends for several years & we named it Gayville.
    I know who names houses but yeah we did.


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