Matt Bomer vs. Henry Cavill — Who Looks Better In A Skintight Superman Costume?

Matt Bomer in ‘Papi Chulo’ (image via Blue Fox Ent)

Matt Bomer fans are pleading for him to become the next Superman as Henry Cavill‘s replacement. But can he fill the British actor’s shoes and look just as good as him in his skintight outfit? You be the judge.

Henry, who has become just as much of a dreamboat as Matt over the past decade, is still in contention to play the legendary character in the DC Extended Universe but that hasn’t stopped the conversation over who will replace him when and if he decides to not do it anymore.


One name that keeps coming up is the Will & Grace actor, who, based on this photo below, could seriously do this role justice if its ever presented to him. 

Woof! An Instagram user restored an image of the 42-year-old wearing the Superman costume from some old car commercials in hopes that the right people will see this and possibly cast him in the future. 


Here’s Cavill in comparison. He’s played the dual character of Superman and Clark Kent several times, most recently in the 2017 blockbuster Justice League. Bomer is no stranger to this kind of world as he currently stars as Negative Man on the action/adventure television series Doom Patrol

Matt also does a pretty good job at that whole tailored suit thing in regards to the Clark Kent side of things. 


We will let you guys be the judge on this. 

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