Matt Doyle & Max Clayton Are Each Other’s Biggest Broadway Fans

For Broadway beau’s Matt Doyle & Max Clayton, the conclusion of Pride month doesn’t stop the two of them from being the absolute toast of The Great White Way. In the span of several short weeks, both Clayton & Doyle have had career-changing moments, For Doyle, that change meant snagging his first Tony Award for ‘Best Featured Actor in a Musical’ at this year’s Tony Awards for his role as ‘Jamie’ in the gender-bending revival of the iconic Broadway musical Company. Additionally, Clayton (who is Hugh Jackman’s understudy in the revival of The Music Man) had to step in for Jackman (from June 13th to June 21st) as ‘Professor Harold Hill’ after Jackman tested positive for COVID-19 (which as he told, he found out about less than 48 hours after Doyle won the Tony while Clayton was in New Hampshire after surprising his mother at her retirement party)! 


Off-stage, the Jersey City, N.J. residing Clayton & Doyle enjoy exploring (in and out of the city) staying in shape (dancing looks to be a favorite cardio workout) and spending time with their latest addition, a charcoal lab named Theo. As for Doyle, (who openly spoke with People about his battles with anxiety and depression) his relationship with Clayton was definitely not without its own struggles. “We started dating, I broke up with him immediately, and then we got back together and we’ve been together for seven years.” Despite challenges, Doyle sweetly says “Max just always saw me for who I was”. 

For Clayton & Doyle, some of the best lessons that they’ve gotten on pushing through challenging times came to them when many others were discovering these lessons as well; during the pandemic. Clayton told TodayTix that the lockdown gave he and Doyle the opportunity to gain a greater appreciation for each other. He said “Fighting right now just does not make any sense. We’ve been patient with each other. We’ve learned how to get through the worst together. I’m with someone during something which is this generation’s World War. We’ll have learned quite a bit about each other on the other side”.

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