Matt Healy “Uncomfortable” With Incorrect Coming Out Headlines

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Musician Matt Healy is setting the record start when it comes to his sexual orientation.

Matt Healy is the singer for British band The 1975. He recently did an interview with Attitude magazine where he was asked about his sexual orientation. I response, he simply stated that he’s not sexually interested in men.


“I tend not to talk about my sexuality that explicitly because I don’t really have to and all things are subject to change,” he said specifically.

“Then sexuality gets changed for me because I would, and have, kissed beautiful men, but I don’t want to fuck them. It stops for me when it comes to [sex].”

Healy noted how he appreciates the beauty of men, has kissed a male fan, and that the first “sexy kiss” he saw in real life was between men. But again, this was just his response to whether he was gay or not. And simply, those are the only ties he has to the gay community (other than being an ally).

Unfortunately, gay news sources are always hungry for “coming out” stories. Frankly, they tend to trend and get major clicks. So as with Billy Dee Williams, outlets started incorrectly reporting the story as Healy “coming out.” The word aesthete, meaning a person who has a special appreciation of art or beauty, was even used.


In response to these headlines, and one in particular, Healy stated that he was “uncomfortable.”

“I didn’t come out as anything this [is] a weird thing to say,” he wrote on Twitter. “I did an interview with a Queer publication and was asked about my sexuality.”

“I’m not playing a game and trying to take up queer spaces I’m simply trying to be an ally and this headline makes me uncomfortable,” he added on his Twitter post.


Thankfully, many of his fans were understanding.


This goes to show, again, that LGBTQ news sources need to put a little more effort into their reporting. Yes, it’s easy to incorrectly headline an article to get those “coming out” clicks, but the action forgoes any integrity and morality in reporting news. And frankly, it’s a little gross. Let’s be better.

Sources: Attitude, Pride

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