Matthew Camp & Company Bring ‘Slag Wars’ To The Mainstream

Whether it is the nail-biting runway critiques on Project Runway or the the stunning talent and emerging superstars on RuPaul’s Drag Race, there is absolutely nothing like a reality show competition series. Merging familiar reality show tropes with the world of adult entertainment, Slag Wars is the kind of reality competition that has truly never seen before. Daddy Couture collaborators Sophie Anderson & Rebecca More (the famed Cock Destroyers) and adult film star Matthew Camp are at the helm of the competition, which aims to find the next ‘Destroyer’. Filmed completely in quarantine in four short days. seven “slags” compete in a variety of tests with the aim of becoming the recipient of a giant set of gold lips and welcomed into the Destroyer family with open…arms.



The cast showcases some of the most diverse contestants to hit reality show competition yet. They feature Kevin Scott (from small town Scotland), Cameron Smith (“one of the first thing people notice about me is my ass”), Levi Jed Murphy (“I believe that sexiness comes from doing what makes you happy”), Tyreece (a “non-conforming beauty”), Cain (a “queer icon” from London), Nicky Monet (“a proud transwoman”), Gustavo (“Latin Spice with an international flavor”)




‘Slag Wars’ streams exclusively on on November 26th, 2021. 

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