Matthew Camp’s Hilarious Hashtags Plus Beaches, Bears & BFs

Sharing some of our favorite Instagram posts this week.

First up, Matthew Camp (above) has been flexing his hashtag mojo lately in his posts with hilarious results. You really should check out more of his ‘poetry’ here.

Joel Green wants you to know that life isn’t about finding but creating yourself. Looks like he’s doing a great job here:

Paleontologist Francesc Gascó served up a Jurassic breakfast:

Fitness model Kevin Davis is spent a quiet (shirtless) Saturday night at home in Alabama:

Billy Reilich took a Sunday morning run (with his photographer):

Fitness guy Dan Tai can’t wait to take a walk on the beach again:

Artist Anthony Varrechia brought the heat as he dreams of summer, sweat, beaches and boys:

Doctor of Dental Medicine Curtis Fitzgerald is all about consistency (we think he’s consistently hot):

Max Emerson and his boo got photobombed by his bro:

Washington state-based muscle bear Wes Dupree notes that “faces are making a comeback!”

Former Chippendale Chaun Williams was busting some 70s moves:

Mike Cardinale was in beast mode Friday night at the gym:


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