Matthew Rush Gets Arrested Again for the Third Time Since September

Str8UpGayPorn has officially confirmed that former porn star Matthew Rush has once again been arrested in Florida.  This is his third arrest since September for him, however there is a silver lining for him in all of his troubles.

Matthew was first arrested back in September for possession/use of drug paraphernalia & possession of methamphetamine. Then in November, his charge was reduced to a misdemeanor for possession of drug paraphernalia

So what's the reason for him being arrested for a third time?  Turns out, the subsequent court date notices to resolve the misdemeanor charges were not responded by him, and a capias warrant for his arrest was issued for him earlier this month.  

Police caught up with Matthew (real name Greg Grove) in Florida and re-arrested him. His latest mug shot is posted above.

Here's the good news for him.  After his arrest, he went back to court, and the drug charges appear to be resolved.  Court records show that he has been ordered to enter a drug diversion program, and the case has finally been disposed.

His next court date is scheduled for February 14th, where they will most likely review his progress in the drug diversion program.  Best of luck to him in his recovery.

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