Matthew Rush Has His Day In Court. Assault Case Thrown Out


March 2nd was our first post about the domestic dispute involving and detainment of porn star Matthew Rush (real name Gregory Grove). More information released later would show that Rush/Grove was cited for striking his co-habitating ex-boyfriend in the face. Today, we learn of the result of the altercation.


Near the beginning of March 2017 … Greg Grove was arrested for assault and battery in Florida after allegedly punching his ex-boyfriend in the mouth. Although Grove claimed that he had struck his ex in self-defense after his ex forcefully pushed him out of the house, he later claimed the hit occurred accidentally when his ex “ran into his forearm”

A Florida court has declined to prosecute the case citing a lack of information. Beforehand, Grove had declared indigent status allowing him the use of a public defender after declaring a $1,600 [or $1,800] a month income. Now that the case has been thrown out, he will have to pay a $50 fee for the use of that defender. –


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As I said in the post above, a friend recently was in an altercation with his then boyfriend after a long night out of drinking and partying. Police were called to his apartment and it basically was categorized under domestic violence.  Unlike Rush/Grove, they both had to stay in jail for the night, a little more sobering than a slap on the hand.  Maybe the involvement of alcohol lead to them staying the night and being released in the morning. 

Do you think domestic violence is becoming more of an issue in our LGBT community?

Have you had an altercation before that has ended up with police being involved?

Were you detained like Rush/Grove was today? Or was your loved one?



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