Matthew Rush’s Felony Meth Possession Charged Has Been Dropped


Former porn star Matthew Rush (real name Greg Grove) is getting some good news as of late, as his felony meth possession charge that he was facing has now been dropped, per Str8UpGayPorn.  

He was first arrested for this back in September, for possession/use of drug paraphernalia & possession of methamphetamine. After his arrest, he was released on bond on September 25th but then was rearrested after bond was revoked due to an unpaid traffic ticket.  

The state of Florida's new filing shows the case as “disposed,” as they had “no info” to pursue the charge.  Per Str8UpGayPorn: The felony possession charge was based on “residue” found in a pipe Rush had in his possession, and the state likely realized they’d be unsuccessful pursuing that charge. The state is still going to proceed with the first count (possession/use of drug paraphernalia) for that pipe, but it’s only a misdemeanor charge.

The first degree misdemeanor charge carries a maximum sentence of one year in prison,which is much better than the five years he was facing for the felony meth charge.  

Here's hoping Matthew can rebound from this and get his life back on track. 

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  1. What is really sad is that

    What is really sad is that this beautiful man no longer even looks like himself, a year in jail might have helped him overcome his demons and possibly help keep him alive a year longer..


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