Max Emerson, Michael Henry, and Brandon Rogers Talk About Sex in New Funny Video!

Michael Henry is back with another hilarious video delineating the gay agenda. In this video where Henry stars next to cuties Max Emerson and Brandon Rogers, the trio talk about the numbers and how they each measure up in the sack.

When Max asks Michael and Brandon what their numbers are, the two automatically misconstrue this for a question related to their phone numbers. In reality, he’s questioning how many people they have been sexually active with—which as the gay community knows, is completely subjective.


The three talk about what it means to have high or low numbers when it comes to how many people you’ve slept with. Max mentions how his body is a temple while the other two make an argument for sexual positivity and being in control of who to sleep with and when to do so.

This seems to be a huge topic of conversation, not just in the gay world, but within all dating circles. Do high numbers make you a slut or does not having as much experience make you a prude? Some would argue that with the more we learn about STIs and the risks that are out there, the more prepared people can be to practice sex as frequently as they’d like. And with PreP becoming a big player in the choices gay men make when engaging in sex, the stigmas surrounding gay sex seem to be fading. That doesn’t mean that the dangers aren’t still out there. Just be cautious. Have fun–so long as no one is getting hurt—well, unless they like that sort of thing.

Here’s the video starring Michael Henry, Max Emerson, and Brandon Rogers.

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