Max Zero is the Latest Pro-Wrestler to Come Out!


Photo Credit: Monica Remmy

As a WWE fan who dabbles in the independent circuit, it warms my heart to see more professional wrestlers opening up about their sexuality. Same as other contact sports, these athletes risk their physical health for our entertainment, and they should be free to live their lives openly in the business and with their fans. Max Zero is no acception!


Formerly known as Masked Zero, 22-year-old independent pro-wrestler Max Zero chose May 24, 2022 – also recognized as Pansexual Visibility Day – to announce that he loves everyone regardless of biological sex, gender, or gender identity. The announcement came in the tweet included below where Zero recognizes his coming out as a “scary” thing to do. 

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A solo competitor and Philadelphia native, Zero makes the rounds in the indie wrestling circuit and often competes on the card for promotions such as Chikara, Industrial World Wrestling, Invictus Pro, Paradigm Pro Wrestling and Wrestler’s Laboratory. 

A self-proclaimed himbo – someone who is very handsome but not particularly smart – Max even went as far as to change his Twitter title to Pandsome Max Zero. Taking the joke in stride, Zero was reportedly floored by all the positive comments and love he received from fans and colleagues despite his fear of coming out. 

Now with that out of the way, go win yourself a shiny title, baby! 

Sources: Pink News, Out Sports

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  1. Convenient that he comes out as pan at the exact same time he’s starting an only fans. Sounds made up and someone may need some extra money. Big money in gay baiting and these top publications fall for it everytime.


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