MAX’s New Top Streaming Show, Hot and Controversial ‘Naked Attraction’

If you know this tv set, you know what is going to be shown next.

My first taste of Naked Attraction was in a Portuguese Monastery. We’ll get into that later.

Any show with the word “NAKED” in the title gets our attention. I’ve tried the Naked and Afraid but just could not get into that type of naked. 


And then there is Naked Attraction now on MAX.

This reality show’s been around for 7 years but we in the states have not had a great access to it until now. On of the first time we covered the show on Instinct was back in 2017 when Naked Attraction Includes Naked Transgender People in one of its episodes. They usually have men on men, women on women, bisexuals picking from 3 of each, males and females. 

Here’s a trailer from 6 years ago from when the show was available on OUTtv, originally aired in the U.K. on Channel 4.


The show, hosted by Anna Richardson, debuted in 2016 and has aired six seasons, with a seventh currently airing in the UK. 

My first taste of Naked Attraction was in a Portuguese Monastery. Yes, you heard that right. I was watching the Italian version of Naked Attraction with Portuguese subtitles. I don’t understand either languages, but I was getting the gist of it all and I could not stop watching.


The show starts off with the main contestant getting an eye-full of the lower parts of the other contestants bodies. They get to see both the front and the back of the nether regions of the other six people they are on the show with. 

The comments fly back-and-forth between the main contestant and the host about vaginas and penises and asses and tattoos and legs and posture and water sports and kinks… then one of the six is chosen to leave. It is not until the last round that the naked contestants are able to speak and then the main contestant must get naked for the final decision.


The show also does a little education with some graphs and cartoons discussing penis size, circumcision, voices and so much more. Girth or length? Yep, that’s discussed, too. 

The words translate to “73% of women prefer a thick penis to a long penis.”

Of course, now we do not need the translations as we get to see all the first 6 seasons on MAX (formerly HBO MAX). 

So, if you want to watch a show that’s basically Grindr with the ◊ COMPARE option of Wayfair, but you actually get to see face, head over to MAX. I’ve been binge watching it since I found it was on MAX after my return from Portugal on Monday.

Just watched this episode. Very nice viewing

And then there are some complaints about the show.

Yet the show has has received some conservative commentator criticism. “Delightful,” snarked Ben Shapiro. “This is the natural outcome of a hedonistic society where the only thing that matters is the sex instinct.” Meanwhile, the Parents Television Council called it “pornographic … a new low” and demanded the show be removed from the service. – Hollywood Reporter

Will you watch? Everyone else is as Naked Attraction has become Max’s most popular show hitting number 1 on the streamer’s Most Popular list.

The best thing about it all, you can fast forward through the parts of the episodes that are just not for you. Have fun “streaming!”

Source: Hollywood Reporter

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