Maybe it’s not time for a new tie, but a new knot.

As the "Save The Date" postcards and wedding invitations for the summer start piling up, does your mind start to wander to "what shall I wear?"  Who doesn't love getting a new tie and shirt combo?  Any reason to shop is a good thing right?

I do enjoy a new tie, but I usually have a rule with my ties as I do shoes.  If I buy a new pair of shoes, I need to get rid of an old one. I have noticed ties can get out of control.  In order to curtail the ties multiplying like rabbits, I think I'll try one of these new knots instead of purchasing a new tie.  As well, this might be the next trend in neck wear.  I never could succumb to the ascot or the bow tie.

Go to and watch how to make these new-to-me ways of noosing up your neck.  Some of the more creative ones are first.  Maybe you'll find one for that special wedding or maybe even a new one to spice up your work day.  I think some of these would actually look great on the red carpet.  Come on Hollywood, there are other ways to spice up men's fashion on the red carpet besides picking a different shade of black or dark blue. 

So if you are still tying the same not you did when in high school, have some patience and give a new knot a try!

Here's a sample video of one of the knots and pictures of three of the 30 knots mentioned at



What do you think?