McCann Finished His Look With A ‘Fauci’ Purse Filled With Krispy Kreme

The First Monday in May is usually reserved for The Met Gala, which always features show-stopping looks combined with the most popular names in the world. For the past two years though, fans of the high glamour that the Gala consistently provides have, unfortunately, not been able to follow these consistently viral red carpet moments. Rather than wait patiently to see the looks at the 2021 Met Gala (being held this September) burgeoning designer Brendan McCann crafted his own Met Gala-inspired look, which perfectly captured today’s culture, with a “dose” of high fashion. 


To create his look, McCann’s choice of materials were simple, using everything from oaktag and poster board (for vaccination cards), a syringe crafted from a table cover, and even a retractable back scratcher. As for the now-viral attention his look has garnered, McCann is understandably overwhelmed. “Oh my goodness, the attention has been crazy!” McCann exclusively told me. “My friend Krystal messaged me last year after I made the ‘Time Is Money’ dress and was like “Thank god you’re keeping us entertained with your creativity”. We had basically just gone into lock down. I had that popping into my head when I was making this. I was like “my friends are going to get such a kick out of this one” – I mean this is just beyond. I mean that’s what I love, entertaining people; especially at a time like this. To me, the more shock value the better-but now I’m the one that’s shocked. I have people from all over the world messaging me and tweeting me. It’s nuts.”

Out of all of the reactions that his look has gotten, one definitely stands out. McCann said “To be honest the biggest reaction would be from like, Krispy Kreme or something! (My clutch was filled with their glazed donuts, kind of a tribute to their vaccination card promotion). Now people are tagging the Met and saying I should be invited next year. I mean, could you imagine!? It would be a dream; I’ll vacuum the carpet, direct traffic in front. It’s just such a fabulous over the top event and it’s for art. Without art this past year, we’d all be pretty bored, am I right?”


After creating two high fashion and revolutionary looks in the past year, what does McCann have coming up to top them? He tells me “I don’t have anything coming up. I’m a freelance theater designer, so I’m looking forward to that coming back though I’m not sure how many jobs there will be. I would love to try and break into the fashion industry somehow; it’s always been a dream of mine to be an apprentice to a designer. Maybe this will get seen by the right person, who knows!”

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