McGorry – Acting on 2 Hit Shows and still has time to have a great body and a sense of humor.


How does one man juggle two shows and still look that fit?  Bill Bradley of Details tries to find out in his interview with Matt McGorry from Orange is the New Black (OITNB) and How to Get Away With Murder (HTGAWM).

"In college, I wanted to be huge. I knew that I wanted to be a trainer. When I did powerlifting and bodybuilding, I cooked, weighed, and measured everything. I carried Tupperware everywhere. I didn't eat anything that wasn't on my plan. "I used a program called carb cycling. You're consuming a lot more carbohydrates, less fat and protein to fuel the training, and on the days where I was just doing cardio, my carbs would drop low and the protein and fat would increase to help burn fat. It's a miserable process but is also quite effective at getting results. – Details

I have one of those guys here at work.  Yes, I can fit my head inside his "snack salad bowl" he devours at 10 AM and the office smells of canned tuna every day around 3:30.  He's training for body building or weight lifting or something.  All I know is he eats tuna every day and his shirts seem to have these bulging parts all over.  But people that are focused like that, I give them a ton of credit.  McGorry apparently is one of those.

"But I never stopped going to the gym. The longest I've ever taken off since I was 14 was two weeks. I go four to five days a week. I'll lift twice a week. And then I'll do intervals twice a week, typically on the treadmill. – Details

His efforts have results.  Here's a video from 2010 where McGorry does a 501-lb dead lift at 165-lb during a Raw Unity Meet.



"It's funny, people know my history. And sometimes [my How to Get Away With Murder costar] Viola Davis will reach for a cookie, and she'll say, 'Don't judge me.' And I'm like, 'Look, this is not my world anymore.' It's like if you were a priest. I'm excommunicated!  – Details

No, Matt, we didn't know your fitness history, but to know you could deadlift over 500 lbs, I know now there's no excuse why you can't carry me to bed. You could be my super hero!

"I was on a couple episodes of the soap opera One Life to Live, where I did my first shirtless scene. I was dressed as Spider-Man for a children's birthday party, and a guy knocks me out and takes my costume and I wake up in the bushes shirtless. And then I did it for Orange Is the New Black, too. On Orange, there's not a lot of guys who are supposed to bring the sexuality, so I think I felt the pressure. I still know very specifically what it takes to keep me in the shape I need to be in. To do a film and have to get into sick shape—I would enjoy that. A superhero film would be so cool.

These pics are great but in the shirtless scenes we've seen him in for both of his shows, he hasn't looked this ripped.  He still looks very very good.  I would kick him out of bed … and onto the floor for a little more playing room :).  But you have to admit, he does looks more chiseled here in the Details photos.  Do you think his two shows don't want him looking as buff and cut?  Are prison cops not supposed to be gods under the uniform?  Are other characters supposed to be the abdominal stars of HTGAWM? Maybe he is more approachable if he isn't the overly chiseled cop or the lawyer with luscuis latissimus dorsi muscles.  There is reason to believe this shirtless pics here are from 2013 or older.  Is that bad?  Good?  I think pairing this pic with his work ethic, McGorry could get back to this level of fitness very quickly.  Many like his nice simply fit body that he has now.  Some say it's borderline dad bod, but I think it's a little better than that.  Either way, the most important thing is Matt is happy with himself.

"I'm working toward looking at exercise as a feel-good thing, but I haven't quite gotten there yet. I'm still finding that balance. I do love to eat. I'll have the sloppy joes with no bun and put some vegetables in there, and maybe two hours later when we wrap, I'll be in the craft-services truck throwing back three ice-cream sandwiches." – Details

We like you any way you are!  Chiseled, fit, smiling, moronic.  Yes, your characters are a little goofy some times and that is hot hot hot!  So to know there's that personality in that head of yours and that body under those clothes, we like, oh yes we do.  And after seeing these pics, we need some more prison closet sex pronto! 

For the Bill Bradley's full interview with Matt McGorry posted on June 11, 2015, head on over to Details.




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  2. WTF is he doing in a gay page

    WTF is he doing in a gay page?

    He's a fucking straight men. 

    This proves that all the hunky and handsome male are straight and the gay people are fat or thin.

  3. That shirtless pic of Matt

    That shirtless pic of Matt with the ripped body is an old picture….  He doesnt look like that anymore!   I saw him on some talk show some time ago and he was saying that he had been a bodybuilder and as he was talking Im asking myself  "WHEN WAS THAT?'   cause he shirly did NOT look like he had a body under those clothes he was wearing.. . I think he was one of those guys that THOUGHT he was a bodybuilder just because he went to a gym.   There are lots of guys out there like that.   Just because you go to a gym you might be into bodybuilding exercises BUT darlings UNLESS you have THE body and LOOK like you are showing some muscle  ., . you are NOT what most would term a bodybuilder!     You are just a wanna-be in the gym trying to be a BODYBUILDER.     BUT , thats how you do it.     Just dont CLAIM your a full fledged bodybiulder when you really dont have the body to prove it.   is all I am saying.   hehe.. . Grrrr

  4. Wow!  He was kinda chubby

    Wow!  He was kinda chubby this season on HTGAWM, I'm surprised he got so lean so fast.  Good for him!  He's cute either way though.


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