Meet-Cute with Out New York Actor-Comedian Sam Morrison

In another installment of Meet-Cute with, let’s talk about the hottie that is Sam Morrison, who stars in the off-Broadway comedy titled ‘Sugar Daddy.’

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The show pays tribute to his late boyfriend Jonathan, who passed away due to COVID-19, just four days after Valentine’s Day in 2021. His late boyfriend was 51 at the time of his passing while Morrison was 28, and the show’s title alludes to their age gap.

Moreover, the New York actor and comedian describes himself as an “anxious, asthmatic, gay, diabetic Jew.” Shortly after the death of his boyfriend Jonathan, Morrison was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes, which his doctor suggested was brought on by grief.

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Aside from paying tribute to his late boyfriend, ‘Sugar Daddy’ also examines aging and body image in the LGBTQ+ community. It is a creative endeavor for Morrison’s trauma, and he considers it as an opportunity to “reframe my relationship with grief and death in general.”

Talking about his type of men, the actor shared that as a young adult, he was attracted to the “unconventional ideal of [male] beauty,” which he describes in the show as “fat older men.” 

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“People would want to set me up and I would have to be like: ‘No, I’m not attracted to guys who look like me.’ I had a lot of shame about the type of men I was attracted to, which is a big reason I didn’t come out for a long time. But Jonathan and I didn’t let those comments affect us,” Morrison expressed.

Going back to the one-man, off-Broadway comedy show, ‘Sugar Daddy’ opened at New York’s SoHo Playhouse last month, and it will continue playing through February 17.


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