Meet-Cute with Sexy Gaymer Justin Moore

In another episode of Meet-Cute with, let’s get to know the hottie that is queer gamer Justin Moore, also known as justinplus on Twitch.

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Justin is an openly gay streamer from Seattle, Washington, and he has 29.9K followers on Twitch as of this writing. He speaks three languages, including English, French and Japanese, and he has lived in different countries all over the globe.

In particular though, he shared that his favorite “was living in Tokyo for 3 years and Seoul for 1 year.” As for his MBTI, Justin is an ENFJ, which basically means that he has extraverted, intuitive, feeling, and judging personality traits.

Moreover, he has two Masters Degrees in MPA/MPH, and his undergraduate degree is Political Science and Land-Use Planning. Moving on to what drew him into gaming, Justin shared:

“Pokemon Blue and Final Fantasy 9 are what made me fall in love with video games.”

He also noted the games he loves to play, writing:

“I’m a lover of RPGs, adventure games, and survival horror games who prides himself on terrible gameplay but having the absolute best time (and most hyena-like laugh).”

Also, he is currently in a relationship with fellow streamer Erik White.

(c) Instagram: @jusroymoore / @mrerikwhite

And now, for the best part — let’s take a moment to admire some of his thirst-worthy pics, shall we? 😉




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