Meet Hunky Horticulturist Ben Hamilton Anderson

Ben’s Instagram account (North Lodge Cottage Garden) / Instagram

As much as I have tried over the years to grow healthy house plants or a garden, I have failed miserably. Beyond not being able to grow them, I have accidentally killed a few by either over watering, under watering, simply having my air conditioning too high, or even forgetting to make arrangements for them to be cared for while on vacations. I figured I’d bet just give up. And to think at one point, I was considering fatherhood!

On the other hand, my partner has a knack for plants and is doing quite well with a gorgeous peace lily. It adds a delightful live touch to our home environment and made me reconsider this whole plant thing. So I began to search social media accounts for gardening tips from some of the experts out there.  


Along my search I discovered one such expert on Instagram and he’s become a favorite. He’s not only highly-skilled in horticulture, but damn —he’s also a handsome, bearded, tattooed fuzzy bear with a charming British accent and an occasional shirtless pic amid his plethora of gorgeous garden shots. 

Meet the charming, UK-based professional gardener Ben Hamilton Anderson. Ben’s Instagram account (North Lodge Cottage Garden) leaps out above the others with images of beautifully lush gardens and greenery nestled throughout his sprawling Disney-esq enchanted property and landscapes where live chickens roam care-free and cared for. He shares this spectacular home with Mark, his equally as ruggedly handsome husband.


Additionally, Ben is the Director of Wisteria Landscapes, where he applies over 20 years of experience in the design, landscaping, and maintenance of a wide range of commercial and residential gardens. But it’s his warm, calm demeanor, and approachability as he shares gardening tips on social media that inspires his growing Instagram audience to aim for becoming better plant parents.

Visiting Ben’s North Lodge Cottage Garden account on IG is like a leisurely stroll through a magical botanical garden where the director of the grounds gives you a personal tour. That “virtual tour” is complete with Ben’s stories, which have inspired the upkeep of his beautiful 320-year-old English cottage and grounds extending over 3/4 acres and boasting splendorous vegetation including thatch, roses, dahlias, sweet peas, fruits, and vegetables.


The most enchanting element though at North Lodge Cottage Garden might be Ben himself, with his inviting presence as a leading plant authority with a brooding stature, seemingly quiet self-confidence and a winning personality. Yes, the imagery of his cottage and landscapes are impressive. But, I would be remiss not to mention the appeal of Ben’s sexy combination of a being a big rugged bear with creative flair—a balance reflected in work that can range from daunting commercial digs to delicate home seedings.

Head on over to check out North Lodge Cottage Garden and enjoy Ben’s beautiful work. Also, be sure to check out the occasional shirtless eye candy pics peppered throughout, though sparingly, for good measure. Those peek-a-boo moments highlighted by Ben’s smiling —somewhat Chris Meloni-ish eyes, have gained him a legion of male fans who wouldn’t mind him watering their plants —AT ALL. Count me among them.



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