Meet Josh Hutcherson’s Younger Brother Connor Mason Hutcherson

Connor Mason Hutcherson was born on May 2, 1996 in Kentucky, United States where his older brother and ‘The Hunger Games’ star Josh Hutcherson was also born.

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Connor’s parents Michelle and Chris were born in Kentucky as well, and they met during high school in Dry Ridge. His mother Michelle is a former employee at Delta Air Lines, and she is now assisting with Josh’s career.


Meanwhile, his father Chris is an analyst for the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). Like his older brother Josh, Connor has also worked on films, as he has reportedly wanted to become an actor from a very young age.

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He is the voice of the Tonka character in the 2005 animated film ‘Tarzan II’, which he did before turning 10 years old. Not to mention, Connor also appeared in the 2005 rom-com ‘Little Manhattan’, which is starring his brother Josh.

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As for his social media presence, Connor seems to be more active online than his older brother — posting solo pics, as well as photos with family, friends, his dog named Loki, and his boyfriend. More recently, Josh talked about his brother in an interview with ET, revealing that Connor and his boyfriend were the ones who explained about his viral “Whistle” edit.

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“Over the holidays, my brother and his boyfriend were like, ‘We need to sit you down and explain to you what’s happening online.’ And so they gave me a rundown. They showed me all these videos and we were all laughing about it,” Josh shared.


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