Meet Pansexual Wrestler Jack Sexsmith

Meet pansexual wrestler Jack Sexsmith.

Sexsmith is a U.K. wrestler who’s becoming increasingly popular since his 2015 debut for his flamboyant flair (as he pins other men into submission).

If we’ve learned anything from Netflix hit GLOW, everyone’s got to have a gimmick when it comes to the world of wrestling, and it seems that Sexsmith’s gimmick is embracing his sexuality in and out of the ring.

“Over a few matches and figuring out what works, I thought, ’Actually, I can show my sexuality with this character,'” he told The Sun. “As a performer, I know I prefer to be the protagonist. And I had to be a good guy…I don’t want the character to be hated. He stands for a lot more than just wrestling.”


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In addition, he also told the Wrestle:List, “Sometimes I just feel like a twat in a wrestling ring, you know, what sort of difference can I make? But people are saying, ’You’re confident in yourself and you make me want to be more confident in who I am.’ It breaks me down inside. That’s truly next level shit.”

And it seems that he is making a difference as several fans have told him.


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