Meet The Gay Bachelors Of HBO Max’s ’12 Dates Of Christmas’

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Did you know HBO Max has a Christmas dating show with gay bachelors?! It’s called 12 Dates of Christmas, and the bachelors are hot!

The reality competition series follows three single “leads” (Chad Savage; Christian Faith Fernandez, and Garrett Marcantel) as they meet and date potential love interests. Once the leads have chosen a favorite out of their dating pool, they will then take that date home to meet their family for the holidays. From there, they will make the decision on whether they want to keep seeing their romantic interest.

“They’re such natural stakes that everybody related to that wanted to see that happen — see the cast interact with their family and then once that happened, the Christmas period was coming to an end, so we didn’t want to take them back to the castle, but we wanted to start to give them an insight into a slightly different world and moving their relationships, shifting into, ‘What happens now that Christmas is over?’” showrunner Sam Dean told Variety.

But is there gay-inclusion on this show? In fact, yes! And, a lot of it. While Chad and Faith are straight, Garrett is looking for a boyfriend.

“We knew we really wanted a diverse cast and to represent the LGBTQ+ community. What we didn’t know when we were first going into it was specifically including a gay guy. That came more from exploring our characters and looking into the possible compatible matches that we believed would set somebody up for success,” Dean explained.

So, who are the gay men that Garrett has met and dated so far? And is the show worth watching (based solely on the boys)? Here are some Instagram pictures to inform your decision.





Look interesting? Then, you can check out 12 Dates of Christmas on HBO Max.

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