Meet The Hot Mr International Korea 2017 Contestants

Image via Facebook

The internet has discovered the Mr International Korea 2017 Competition and we will never be the same (or at least I won’t)!

This competition is an annual one that celebrates masculinity and the beauty of the male body (though, only the beauty of the muscular male body. No differentiating body types here).

Even more specifically, the goal of the competition is to empower men, both contestants and those watching, to develop confidence and become the ideal Korean man.

The competition isn’t happening until October 19th, but the Facebook page for the competition is live and posting behind the scenes videos of a photoshoot (with all the men in their underwear).

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On top of that, the Facebook page also shared some basic info about all 25 contestants like their names, ages, height, and occupation. If you’re interested in that and looking at individual pictures of all 25 contestants in Ken doll fashion, look below.

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Image via Facebook

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