Meet Your Douchebag of the Day–Mat Staver!

Right wing hate-talking head Mat Staver, in an interview last week with Radio America host Greg Corombos, compared same-sex marriage to–wait for it–the holocaust.

Regarding marriage equality, Staver said, "This is not an issue in which you can remain silent any more than you can remain silent during Nazi Germany."


Yikes! Somebody needs some reality (and maybe Librium). Quick fact check:

* Number of people worldwide who have died from gay marriage: Zero. None. Nada. Zip.

* Estimated number of people who died at the hands of Nazis during the holocaust: ELEVEN F*CKING MILLION.

Math, like science for these folks, is just not worthy of any respect at all.  Nor, apparently for Staver, are 11 million people.


So, Douchebag of the Day–we salute you!



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