Mega Hottie Slaps Harvey Weinstein!

Mega Hottie Slaps Harvey Weinstein!

Karma Continues To Follow The Monster!

Girl, you are well aware of the allegations against once-respected Harvey Weinstein. Yes, in case you’ve forgotten, over 60 women have accused him of extreme sexual assault. He is almost solely responsible for nearly all of Time Magazine’s People of the Year 2017. Hell, he’s essentially ruined and now revived so many careers. While his alleged actions are vile and his reputation is demolished, has he yet to get what’s coming to him? Well, now he’s probably getting a little antsy because there’s been a physical attack on him.

According to TMZ, Weinstein, who is “recovering” from his alleged addiction to assaulting women in Scottsdale, Arizona, dined at Elements, an upscale restaurant. While he was leaving, a HUNK who we only know as Steve, was a little drunk and confronted the film mogul. Steve can be heard calling Weinstein “a piece of sh!t” and brings up his assault allegations. Then, Steve slaps Weinstein in the face – TWICE! Luckily for us, Steve’s friend was there to record the incident.

You MUST head over to TMZ to check out the full video. It will not disappoint you, trust me!

To see the full video, head HERE!

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