Men are AirDropping Their Penis Pics While on the Same Subway

Well, men just got a little grosser as the latest in technology shows what a perv you can be while riding the subway line.  An article came out yesterday discussing how the newest subway trend is men AirDropping pics of their penis to women around New York while they are on the same train.  And you thought the crazy guy yelling in the corner would be the worst of your problems.

One particular incident happened late last month to a woman named Britta, 28, was heading to a concert where the AirDropping took place.

“iPhone 1 would like to share a note with you,” read the note sent at 6:51 p.m. She hit “Accept” and was horrified by what she saw. “It was just a huge close-up picture of a disgusting penis,” said Carlson, of Bushwick, Brooklyn. The message was titled “Straw” and was sent by an anonymous stranger.

“It really felt like someone had actually just flashed me.”

It's not just reserved for women, as it has happened to men in and around New York City.  Frankie Navisch, 35, had just gotten off a train at Penn Station when an invitation to open “Eduardo’s picture” — with a preview photo of a man’s junk — popped up on his screen.

“I wanted to punch him in the mouth for carelessly buckshotting genitalia to phones that could potentially be owned by children,” seethed Navisch, of Harlem.

“Was he looking for interaction, or is all he wanted was someone to look at his mini-monstrosity?”

Even a decade ago, the only existence of something like this similarly happening is if you had someone flash you on the train.  With the advancements in technology, things like this can consistently repeat itself and this growing trend is going to become a big issue.

For anyone riding a train, subway or any sort of mobile with random people on it, switch your settings off from "Everyone" and that way random and disgusting photos like this can't be sent. 

Hopefully moving forward, the only thing surprising that should happen on the subway is if a cute guy winks at you. 🙂 




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