Men With A Certain Face Shape Are More Likely To Cheat, Study Says.

When you look across a crowded room and see a man you want to get to know better, many things run through your head?  Is he good in bed?  Is he great in bed? What charities does he support?  Is he looking to date, monogamy, poly?


Yeah, we know, it's most likely the bedroom we are thinking about.


But let's fast forward to sitting across the dinner table during date 9 during week six of "seeing each other."  When you look at that face … what do you see?  What are you thinking now? 


According to a new study published in Archives of Sexual Behavior, men with a high facial width-to-height ratio (FWHR) may be more likely to have a higher sex drive and to cheat, according to a new study.

The researchers calculated the FWHR by dividing the bi-zygomatic width of the face by the height of the upper face (i.e., the distance between the upper lip and brow).

After dishing out questionnaires to 145 heterosexual students (69 males and 76 females) and another 314 students (43% men) at two Canadian universities, the researchers determined that both men and women with higher FWHR's were more likely to report higher sex drives. The second study also found that a higher FWHR among men also correlated with a higher likelihood of cheating, whether they identified as monogamous or not. –

So are you going to bring a tape measure and calculator to your first date and measure his . . . um . . . head to see if he will be a good man to date?

So if he has a wide face, what does that really say about your genetics? Researchers say the facial measurements may indicate cheating because it correlates to fetal hormonal exposure. More androgens like testosterone which could lead to larger cheekbones and a wider face. More testosterone so more desire to procreate with many mates, so barbaric.

Is this just as kooky as the computer predicting if people were gay or not based on face pictures? 

Is this just as bad as phrenology where the slope of the nose and forehead would tell us the intelligence of a person? We are thinking so.

We all have our things we like and dislike when we look at someone.  Some of my likes are distinctive facial features.  I'm a fan of big ears and noses, but, like everything else, all in moderation. I also have a thing about staying away from cheerleaders and guys named Tim.  Will I add wide-faced men to the list of humans to avoid based on a study of 500 mainly Caucasian Canadians? Hardly, but you shouldn't discard all the Tim's either, even if they all are f*$kwads.


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