MESS – The Series Addresses Common Health Concern In Modern Way.

I'm the first one to roll my eyes when I am watching a gay movie and they throw in the banal HIV/AIDS character with the same story line used in every gay movie before.  I definitely think that HIV is a topic that needs to be covered, discussed, incorporated in LGBT and even straight movies when it fits with the creativity, vision, and story of the media. But the way many LGBT media productions has been a little vapid.

We need to keep addressing the issue but we need to meet the viewing styles of our LGBT community.  We nee to shape the pill into a digestible form that will be ingested by our newbies, or recently out, our youth, and even those of us returning to sexuality after a long break. 

I'm thinking MESS will give us that pill and wanting us to take our medicine/education with the release of every new episode.

Soon after moving to New York City to pursue his dream of becoming an actor, 22-year-old Andy is diagnosed with HIV. Now, Andy and his three best friends must come to terms with his life-changing news while struggling to survive life in the city. –

After viewing the preview below, I'm hooked and want to binge watch right now.



What do you think? Does it look promising?

I think it will help to answer the question "What does it mean to be gay and poz in the 21st Century?"

Are there other web series, recent movies, other media that you feel addresses living with HIV/AIDS that we should recommend to our readers?

You can watch MESS the series Season 1 exclusively on Here TV:

Starring Paul Victor, Jaime Cepero, Elle Estanol and Robbie Fowler.

What do you think?