Mexico City to Celebrate Pride Virtually

For 43 years, the streets of Mexico City have been transformed in rainbow colors every June, as LGBTQ+ individuals demand representation, equality and respect during their Pride festival. However, due to the continued situation with COVID-19 pandemic, for the second consecutive year the festivities will be transferred to a virtual platform with an online LGBTQ+ march–TimeOut Mexico reports.


The organization that plans the event IncluyeT, released a statement saying, “We have the certainty and conviction that the most important thing at this time is to continue taking care of the health of our community and of society in general.” They also shared that the virtual edition of last year’s LGBTQ+ march managed to connect more than 5 million people at the height of the pandemic.


Last year’s LGBTQ+ Pride festival included amazing virtual appearances by Thalia, Johnny Carmona (La Más Draga), Jesse y Joy, Melanie C from The Spice Girls, Manu Una, OV7, and so many others.


The organizers also highlighted two main focuses of this year’s march. One will be the halt to violence and hate crimes against LGBTQ+ individuals and the other is the recognition of trans youth among. Mexico is the second most dangerous country in the world to be transgender. Only Brazil has higher rates of transphobia and violence against the trans community. As many as 98% of murders in the country go unsolved and unpunished, and the authorities often show little inclination to investigate the killings of transgender women. In 2020, over 57 members of the trans community were murdered in Mexico.

The push for marriage equality and LGBTQ+ rights has grown in historically conservative Mexico over the last two decades. Discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation was outlawed in Mexico in 2003. In November 2020, the conservative state of Puebla legalized same-sex marriage, joining the majority of the 32 Mexican states contrary to continued opposition from the church.

Flickr | Mexico City Gay Pride by Alejandro De La Cruz

Judging by the outcome of the 2020 Pride broadcast, viewers should prepare for a full day of allied characters and artists and members of the LGBTQ+ community, who will present informative videos, installations, music and lots of queer beauty. Everything will fall under the motto of the 2021 Pride festival “Frente al desamparo: Resistencia y unidad. Lo radical es la empatía” which means “Facing Helplessness: Resistance and Unity. Empathy is Radical.”

The 43 annual LGBTQ+ Mexico City Pride celebration and march will be free and take place on Saturday, June 26. Facebook: @MarchaLGBTCDMX. YouTube: MarchaLGBTICDMX.

Source: TimeOut Mexico, Reuters, Transrespect

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