Miami “Model” Makes His Own Froth In Local Coffee Shop

Photo credit: Micromaster USA

Would you like some cream to go with your coffee?

27-year-old Blake Reign was arrested on Friday after committing lewd acts and indecent exposure inside a Miami Starbucks. A self-proclaimed “homeless model,” Reign was caught in the action via a cell phone video which was submitted to Local 10 WPLG. Check it out below!


Reign is currently being housed at Turner Guilford Knight Correctional Center while he waits to be freed on a $700 bond. Whether due to mental health issues or being a sexual predator, Blake reportedly jerked off inside the Starbucks for 10 minutes, in front of the staff and waiting customers, until authorities arrived to apprehend him following multiple complaints.

But he didn’t go down without a fight! He tried to “get off” the hook by running from the arresting officers, who eventually took him down with 8 taser pricks and a combination of punches and kicks. He was treated for his injuries at Sinai Medical Center before being transferred to the correctional center. Once there, he was reportedly combatant with the judge during processing.

Now on top of his sex related crimes, Blake can add resisting an officer without violence to his wrap sheet! Definitely not worth the price of coffee!


Let’s hope he “beats” his bad behavior.

All jokes aside, I hope no one involved in this incident was left scarred or triggered.  

Sources: Local 10, Patch

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