Michael B. Jordan’s Former Assistant Amir Yass Claims He Made A Move On Him

Credit: Michael B. Jordan Instagram

A juicy piece of gossip has surfaced about Michael B. Jordan thanks to someone who used to be his house assistant. 

Amir Yass, a popular TikTok star who has also worked as a TV publicist for a bunch of celebrities, sat down with Heather McDonald on her podcast recently where he spilled some major claims about the Black Panther actor.


Amir started off the conversation (scroll to 58:42) claiming that Michael would just walk around in boxers with no shirt while he was employed by him. He then went on to say that the 33-year-old was “so flirtatious” that he would even “flirt with the wall”.

“He would flirt with me, he would flirt with everyone in the office, he was such a flirt,” Amir said. He then dropped a jaw-dropping allegation where the two were apparently in the closet together (no pun intended) and claimed that Michael asked if they were going to kiss.

That admission made Heather almost jump out of her chair. The podcast host then dropped her own opinion on the matter, in a very NSFW way, by saying that Michael allegedly wanted to take things further with Amir that went way beyond a kiss.

Amir went on to clarify that absolutely “nothing happened” between them and added that he is not there on the show to “out anyone”. But he went on to say that “there was a vibe between us that goes beyond sexuality” later in the interview. 

Michael has not publicly spoken about the matter as of Thursday, August 13. 

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