Michael Fassbender Earns the Title of Biggest ‘Show-er’ in Hollywood

Michael Fassbender may have lost both of his Oscar nominations, but there is one title he's just earned that could be seen as a fair tradeoff. 


Mr. Man recently compiled a list of the biggest "grow-er" and "show-ers" in Hollywood, where the Shame actor takes top prize for the latter. Hustle & Flow star Terrence Howard won for being the biggest grow-er. Congrats to both?



The website did this by watching over 8,000 naked movie scenes to compare and contrast which guys start small and could end big and who is a pure flop from the moment they are seen in the buff.


Eric Balfour, Leonardo DiCaprio and Jude Law are on the lower end of the totem poll whereas Omar Epps, Liam Neeson and Ben Affleck scored high.

So congrats to Michael on ranking highest. It must be an incredible honor… for your package. See the list here.



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  1. I love Michael, he can show

    I love Michael, he can show me anytime! I love Ewan as well, and also John Hamm. They are all very well endowed. Yum.


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