Michael Henry Flips The Script On Internalized Homophobia

L-R Paul McGovern Jr., Michael Henry, Mike Millán (screen captures)

Funny/smart guy Michael Henry flips the script on internalized homophobia by reframing the concept as “internalized HETEROphobia” in his latest short film that breaks down LGBTQ life.

Henry is hanging out in the park with his buddies Paul, Mike and Jack sharing photos of his new bottomless/crotchless underwear. Because, of course…


Suddenly, Paul is thrown for a loop by a straight couple across the park “flaunting their lifestyle” by hugging and being physically affectionate. Noting that they are in a public park, Paul is concerned children might be watching. “It might turn them straight,” he worries aloud.

Kevin Stafford and Natalie D’Alacio

Mike points out the obvious: “It’s pretty ridiculous to think you can influence a child’s sexual orientation.” See where this is going?

Henry, Mike and Jack are now confused, though. “Paul, aren’t YOU straight?,” asks Jack.


“Yeah, but I’m not in your face about it,” declares straight Paul. “I keep my private life private.”

Henry immediately deduces the issue: Paul is experiencing “internalized heterophobia,” similar to internalized homophobia.

Jack, however, is confused.

Mike: “You don’t know what internalized homophobia is?”
Jack: ”No. I’m much younger than you.”

Jack Scott

As Mike explains, “Internalized homophobia is when a gay person tries to hide or downplay or is unwilling to acknowledge their gayness.” Sometimes this happens when people are raised to think being gay is something to be embarrassed or ashamed of.

What can happen in such situations is these gay people can experience some sort of contempt or dislike of people who are overly proud or open about being gay.

Turning their focus back to Paul, our gay trio tries to figure out why their hetero buddy is short-circuiting.

All in all, it’s a clever way to turn the tables and shine a spotlight on the double standards that still exist when anyone shows PDA. We came for the funny, but stayed for straight Paul.

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  1. I mean alot of us gays struggle with internalized homophobia. The thought made me laugh if there was such a thing as internalized heterophobia, I wish there was a way for homophobic people to get it.


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