Michael Henry Is Happy To Aid Those In Need, Especially Two Straight Men.


There are some professions that are able to get their hands on straight men much easier than others.  One of those has to be nurses.  Are nurses sworn to help others or do they just do it out of the kindness of their heart? 

Besides being a YouTube video funny man, Michael Henry is apparently a certified nurse, too. Who knew!  Here he is in his latest installment called Gay Guy Servicing Two Straight Men.





I don't think walking around with hydrogen peroxide, a band-aid, gauze wrap, and a smirkish grin qualifies you as a nurse and allows you to do "certified nursey things," but Michael Henry pulls it off. 

I reached out to Michael Henry about his credential as a certified nurse. 

His response?  "Schedule Your Exam Today."

But it does raise the question, are we more apt to help those out that are we are attracted to or do we help all those in need?

To make an appointment or to see more of his videos, head over to Michael Henry's Youtube channel here.



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Written by: Michael Henry

Sound: Daniel Hartigan insta: danfromlala

DP/Edited: Paul McGovern jr.

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