Michael Henry On The Ardor (Or Odor) Of Man Musk

Is a man's natural scent pheromones or funk to you?
Michael Fariss (screen capture)

Funny guy and queer culture aficionado Michael Henry addresses an interesting topic in his latest short film: Is a man’s natural scent a turn-on or a turn-off?

The clip opens with an uber-animated Michael Fariss ranting about the guy he’s been cheating on his boyfriend with having the nerve to sleep WITH his boyfriend.


The reactions from Henry and Adrian Anchondo make it clear that Fariss, wearing a sleeveless t-shirt and his arms akimbo, is wafting some serious man musk in the air. But it’s a ‘yay’ for one and a ‘nay’ for the other.

After Fariss heads off for work, Henry and Anchondo both wave at the air as Henry declares, “Oh! I couldn’t handle his b.o. any longer!”

“That is NOT b.o.,” says Anchondo. “That’s nature’s poppers.”

Disagreement, like Fariss’s scent, is in the air.

Adrian Anchondo and Michael Henry have their own thoughts on man musk
L-R Adrian Anchondo, Michael Henry (screen capture)

“That was full-on funk,” complains Henry.

But for Anchondo, all he could smell was man musk sending him into full-on “fanny flutter.”

Note: apparently “fanny flutter” is defined as “when your booty hole catches feelings.”


While pit-pourri may be Anchondo’s thing, Henry much prefers fresh deodorant and nice cologne to get his motor running. “If a man doesn’t smell clean like Irish Spring, my spring will not be sprung.”

Anchondo counters, “If a man doesn’t smell like he just came from building a house, my basement won’t get flooded.”

Adrian Anchondo is definitely a fan of the man funk
Is ‘natural scent’ pheromone or funk?

More clever dialogue ensues as the guys consider whether it’s hot or not for a guy to ‘go natural.’


In the end, it turns out Anchondo has personal reasons for his ‘odor ardor,’ just as Henry has his own special sauce that turns him on.

Hit the play button, then let us know what you think in the comments section.

Is ‘natural scent’ sexier than soap or cologne? Why, or why not?

At one point, Henry suggests manly smells are mainly for “gym bunnies and beefcakes.” But is it?

Does anyone remember a time when you were turned off by musk and then realized you found it attractive?

5 thoughts on “Michael Henry On The Ardor (Or Odor) Of Man Musk”

  1. I once had a 21 yr college STUD that would come over once class was out. We would make out and then I would go down on him. He had the BEST crotch musk. I just keep my face, nose and tough in there as I worked every inch of his manhood, balls and ass too. Yes the sex was great but I remember his musk right now and want more of it again, PLEASE!

  2. When a guy is sexy then man scent bring that sexy 10 levels higher for sure. I love my own scent and love when a guy gets into it. Cologne on anyone is a real turn off. Makes me sneeze and walk away.

  3. Love a the smell of a hot, sweaty guy as long as he is in shape and very attractive. If someone is fat or not in shape, I don’t care what they smell like, I wouldn’t give them a second of my time.

    • If you’re hot, come home with me. If you are fat and stink, don’t even come close. I got some slob who stunk to high heaven fired because he was unattractive. Zero f_cks.

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  5. Yep!!! I will take a man covered in fresh sweat from a workout or a jobsite every fucking day of the week! That is the only cologne a man should wear!


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