Michael Imperioli on Supreme Court’s Ruling “Allowing to Discriminate”

Michael Imperioli recently spoke up regarding the Supreme Court’s ruling in favor of a Christian web designer who is against same-sex marriages due to her religious beliefs, and sought legal protection to discriminate against them.

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The 57-year-old actor and writer posted a screenshot of the news on Instagram, then explained why he forbids “bigots and homophobes” from watching his shows. The headline of the news story he shared reads:


“Supreme Court protects web designer who won’t do gay wedding websites”

And on the caption, Imperioli expressed:

“i’ve decided to forbid bigots and homophobes from watching The Sopranos, The White Lotus, Goodfellas or any movie or tv show I’ve been in. Thank you Supreme Court for allowing me to discriminate and exclude those who I don’t agree with and am opposed to. USA ! USA!”

He also further explained his sentiments on the comments section, writing:


“hate and ignorance is not a legitimate point of view”

“it’s called dehumanization.”

“America is becoming dumber by the minute.”

Meanwhile, the comments are a mix of different opinions regarding his stand on the news.



Prior to speaking up about the issue, ‘The White Lotus’ actor went on Instagram to commemorate this year’s Pride month. 

“HAPPY PRIDE 2023! much love to all…stay strong, be fearless, be proud. and make sure to register to VOTE so we can get the bigots out of office! #pride,” Imperioli wrote on his post’s caption.


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