Michael Judson Berry Brings His Humor To Every Screen You Have

Why did you start watching “Schitt’s Creek?”  I heard of the show, but I am not one to jump on just any bandwagon. And then there was finding it on whatever streaming service it was on.  Did I have Netlu or HuFlix Stix? 


But I believe it was me stumbling upon the TikToc of Michael Jusdon Berry (mjudsonberry on TikTok and same on Instagram) that made me seek out “Schitt’s Creek” and binge away.  Yes, I was that impressed with his talents and wanted to see the primary source he was making my belly ache with laughter.  His impressions of the Rose family members drove me to watch the award winning show. 

I had the chance to interview Michael Judson Berry on Instagram Live back on March 5th and wanted to make sure our readers had the chance to see it.  Not all of our readers go to Insta and some just stay on Bookface.  There is a lot to juggle.  To be honest, doing that Instagram Live was only the second one I’ve done (and it shows).

Before we get into the interview, here’s one of Michael’s most recent Rose Family Instagram posts.


If you go over to any of his sites, be prepared to realize you’ve just spent an hour or two being entertained.

But Michael Judson Berry is more than just a “Schitt”-y actor, he’s fabulous to talk to as well as, well, we can say it, easy on the eyes.  I’ll insert the Instagram Live video below in its entirety, but I’ll mention a few of the conversations we had here. 

Both Michael and I actually started “Schitt’s Creek” late in the game with him about Season 4, after his friends had mentioned that he would like it.  It would be a little different than his British television and comedies that he loves.  But once he watched the show, it was time to restart it and watch it all from the first episode all over again.  I know many people that have done the same thing.  Even before he thought about doing Rose Family impressions, “for me it became sort of like me going to a happy place.”  I think many of us loved the escape to the idiot box and the Rose Family. 


I asked Michael, “Which came first, the love of Moira and the wigs or the love of wigs?”  And we were shocked that Moira came first. Oh my, what quarantine will do to us. Now Michael is up to 35 hat, and then there are the wig yarmulkes.  His mom even likes him in the wigs?

Not that I am much of an actor at all, but I wanted to know how Michael mentally prepared or prepped for the impersonations.  I Completely forgot about the physical aspect of the impersonations as I was just stuck on the great voices and the content that Michael writes all by himself. He mentioned he usually has a line in, “like with David, it’s usually ‘Oh My God’ and its the shoulder work. Jonny is “It’s not a write off” and with Alexis, it’s the hands.  **I’m sorry for the laughter in the interview at this spot but it was too funny as it brought me right back tot he show and the characters that we love**


Being two gay men and talking about getting older, I did ask Michael about the greying of his lovely curly locks.  I loved his answer as he elaborated on a lot of his past.  I love it when people just open up and share.  Thanks Michael!  He started growing grey in high school, acted like an older man back then, liking older black and white movies, wearing cardigans, I’ve been Maggie Smith since I was 12.

We talked about Milkwater, a new movie that has been receiving rave reviews at all of the film festivals.  Michael paraphrased it as a lovely film about a young women in her mid 30s that becomes a surrogate for an older gay man that is also a drag performer.  The film follows her through the pregnancy and we see how she deals with that, but we get to see Michael as a boyfriend of her best friend. 

Feeling abandoned by friends living more adult lives, Milo rashly decides to become the surrogate for an older gay man she meets at a bar. As the pregnancy progresses, she must contend with the implications of their evolving relationship. – IMDb



It sounds like a movie we need to see as Michael will be, of course not only funny, but also in very short shorts or just often in his underwear. His character is Teddy, was originally Tinder Teddy, kind of a hook up for the best friend, but with Michael’s talents and impressive ad-libbing, the role expanded and Teddy stayed around longer, spacey and cute, just like Teddy in “Schitt’s Creek.” 

I did ask if there was a Tinder Teddy in Michael’s life and he handled the question like a pro.  Jeezz. I’m asking about his grey hair, finding out he is doing movies half naked, and then I ask him about his dating life.  I was having fun and then Michael shut me down!   It’s tough to date in quarantine … there maybe a recent someone …  its new  … I don’t want to jinx it. 

And should there be a “Schitt’s Creek” movie? You’ll have to see his response and us talk about who should be in a movie, movies, or a spin-off. 

We dabbled a little bit about what Michael wants to be when he grows up and we did bring up Saturday Night Live, being in front of the camera, a possible writer for SNL


We did also talk about the inclusivity of SNL and our LGBTQ community which I loved as the show is topical and us rainbow peeps on the show are having a great effect on the show. 

Did you ever see Spamalot and Patsy and the coconuts on the national tour?  That was him, Michael.  That sprung our chat into Fawlty Towers, Are you Being Served, and other British comedies that he grew up watching and loving.

We’re looking forward to seeing great things from Michael Judson Berry as we are having a great time with him now and we do not want it to stop.  Best of luck on getting to Melbourne, Australia.  We will tag along if you like. 

Instincters, please watch the following Instagram Live as Michael’s personality and talents really shine through.  Before you get into the interview, remember, it was my second time doing it. I had a great intro and everything, honestly I did, but Instagram shut me down for copyright while playing a song.  So we jump into it after the boot and reload. Enoy!




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