Michael Musto Pens an Open Letter To Ellen’s Ex Anne Heche

Famed journalist Michael Musto has penned a heartfelt open letter to Anne Heche for the website NewNowNext, where he talked about his treatment of her both during and after her relationship with Ellen DeGeneres.

The letter started with his discussion about when Anne and Ellen were together, and how he put a lot of information about their whereabouts in the press (some of which was to their delights).

He then goes on to talk about what happened after they broke up, where she went through an incredibly rough time in the press and was judged harshly by the LGBT community (Michael included) because she went back to dating men The word he used to describe her for that move (at the time) was a "phony." 

A lot of the letter had to do with the fact that Anne herself is bisexual and how a good portion of the LGBT community forgot that during a time where the B in this situation was not widely discussed. 

"When you went back to dating men, we should have accepted it as a natural extension of bisexuality, rather than pile on you for abandoning us, as if you’d somehow used the LGBT community to advance yourself—something it wasn’t easy to do back when the industry didn’t exactly favor out LGBTs," he said.

He concludes the letter thanking her for helping to expand the advances of the LGBT community due to her celebrity visibility. It's really sweet and you can tell he is writing from the heart about it all.

Read the entire letter here.

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