Michael Urie Talks About a Possible ‘Ugly Betty’ Reunion

Michael Urie is famously known for playing the role of Marc St. James in the TV series, ‘Ugly Betty,’ and he recently reacted to the idea of having a reunion for the show.

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When asked about the chances of getting an ‘Ugly Betty’ reunion show, the 42-year-old actor told AV Club:


“I think they’re pretty good [chances] because we all really love each other, and we would all love to get back together and see what’s happening with those characters ten years on.”

He added,

“So I think, you know, if somebody wants to produce it, we would do it. And it would be so cool to see what’s happening with all those people, and to hang out. Love them.”

Moreover, Urie shared about his favorite memory working with Harrison Ford in the comedy-drama series ‘Shrinking.’ The actor recalled how they were filming a scene in a process trailer, which is “when they put a car on top of a trailer, and they drive it around and you pretend like you’re driving.”


Urie and Ford was filming the scene with co-star Jason Segel, and while talking about a process trailer, the ‘Ugly Betty’ actor asked,

“Why did they call it a process trailer?”

And as a response to his curiosity, let’s just say Ford spent a long time going through his phone to find a photo of a process trailer from ‘Indiana Jones.’

“He looked for this photo of, I guess, a process trailer from the Indiana Jones movie the entire night. Never found it,” Urie stated, concluding his fave moment with Ford.


‘Shrinking’ is now available for streaming on Apple TV+, and Episode 6 is scheduled to be released on February 23.

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  1. I remember this show having great gay representation when I was growing up. I believe it featured the youngest gay guy on TV at the time.


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